Provisional refusal in Poland

Since Poland is a member to the Madrid system of international registration of marks, you as an applicant are entitled to oppose provisional refusal issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Before the Office definitively denies to grant a protection over Polish territory, an applicant can file a written opinion on the subject in question. To do so you will need a representative here for at least two reasons: Firstly, the reply should be in Polish, so it is useful to know local language. Secondly, according to our law, foreign entities - while arguing with the Patent Office - could be represented solely by Polish trademark attorney (eventualy by foreign specialist authorised to act as such). If you are holding your provisional refusal right now and you do not want to surrender without a fight please feel free to contact me. I have practiced as patent and trademark attorney in Poland for quite some time. I will gladly assist you with legal proceedings here as your representative.