Paweł Wrześniewski, an attorney in Poland

I am patent attorney and attorney-at-law as well. Due to this uniqe specialization I can represent you and help to protect your rights not only during application procedures, but in every possible court case (including civil proceedings, customs, combating counterfeit, criminal matters etc.) before all Polish courts (including Supreme Court, Main Administrative Court and Constitutional Tribunal). Here you can find some credentials.

I have practiced law for quite long time, first with various Warsaw law offices and then on my own. I have written a few law books and probably over a thousand law-related texts in leading Polish newspapers and magazines. In 2005 Prime Minister, acting at the request of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, granted me with Person of Merit of National Inventiveness Medal.

I speak English and Russian, you can try my German eventually.

If you do need assistance in legal matters in Poland please do not hesitate to contact me.