Attorney in Poland

Basically there are two professional groups known as lawyers in Poland (or even more if you count tax advisors, patent attorneys etc.). Nowadays differences between the two are vague since this duality is due to historical reasons rather than rational ones. The attorneys are less numerous and trying to position themselves as elite so to speak, but the truth is from client's point of view both groups are generally the same. And whatever the truth, I belong to the attorneys :)

I am member of Warsaw Bar with professional seat in the capital of Poland. My area of expertise is intellectual property and litigation, but please feel free to contact me in any other legal case at will. As an attorney I can represent you in every possible court case (including civil proceedings, customs, combating counterfeit, criminal matters etc.) before all Polish courts (including Supreme Court, Main Administrative Court and Constitutional Tribunal). Please do not forget to attach scanned document you think could be of importance, it helps me very much to decide if and how can I help as well as propose my service fee.

postal adress: ul. Kaden-Bandrowskiego 3 lok. 4, 01-494 Warszawa, POLAND


mob.: + 48 792 766 857

facsimile: + 48 22 30 01 281

bank account: PL 13 1050 1025 1000 0090 6450 5325 (SWIFT code: INGBPLPW)

We could correspond in English as well as in German or Russian.